I’ve been thinking about balance and boundaries this week. A lot of people assume I’m bad at balance because I do so many things, but I’m actually surprisingly good at it. I know this because I used to be awful.

When I worked in advertising I used to work a 70-hour week almost every week. I also had a commute that ranged between four and seven hours per day depending on where we were living; and I worked in an industry that required me to go out almost every night drinking. It was not a healthy way to exist.  (more…)

People have always asked me how I manage to fit all the various things I do into my life. In the past, the answer was that I was a workaholic who could get by on four hours’ sleep a night.

Nowadays, however, I’m in my late twenties, and while that means I’m still young (right? RIGHT?!), it also means I’ve started making those little noises when I get out of chairs or bend to pick something up, and also that going to bed at a reasonable hour instead of stumbling drunkenly through the streets of Dalston at 3am seems like a perfectly good nighttime pursuit.


I’m still not back into a routine. I’m hoping that this week I finally will be.

I’ve been back from travelling for about a week, and am pretty much caught up on sleep, I think. But a couple of clients decided to change the things I do for them, which means that slipping back into my old, familiar schedule wasn’t possible.

Luckily I enjoy making schedules for myself, so I’d set one up for this week to see how it goes, and if it works, I’ll keep doing it.