Happy March! Normally I do a ceremonial ‘opening of the windows’ ritual at the end of March when spring is beginning, but we’ve had such mild weather here in London recently that I’ve already got them all open despite it only being the end of February. Actually, scrap ‘mild’, it’s been downright warm. It hit 20 degrees the other day. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of winter, but I suppose I can be happy for all the people who like the warmer weather.

Following on from my January round-up, here’s a quick overview of how things have gone in February. (more…)

I’ve been trying to make more friends in London ever since I moved back here, but it’s difficult. Especially if you’re in my age group (late twenties) but enjoy pursuits that are mostly enjoyed by people in other age groups (sitting down, not going out drinking).

So I joined a choir. This was a two-birds-one-stone decision really; I’ve been meaning to go back to singing soprano for ages. After a foray into gigging my own punk-folk songs in 2013-14, last year was musically quiet, and this year I wanted to get back into it. And there’s nothing like soaring over soprano notes to make you feel on top of the world.