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2016 Reflections: My #2016topnine on Instagram

It’s coming up to one of my favourite times of year. No, not Christmas; new year. The time to reflect, to look back over the past twelve months, work out what went well and what could have gone differently, and think about whether I’ve attained the goals I set out at the beginning of the year, and what my goals for next year might be.

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To Share Or Not To Share – The Blogger’s Dilemma

“This will make a great blog post,” you find yourself thinking as you’re walking down the street / reading a book / eating a meal / being chased by a pack of wild dogs across arid terrain.

OK, maybe not that last one.

But we do have a tendency to look at everything as potential blog fodder. Or I know I do, anyway.

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Warning: Facebook Scam

Money-making schemes are, generally speaking, a bad idea. Especially those that promise high returns on low investments, and Ponzi/pyramid schemes, and ones that sound a little too good to be true.

Yet people still fall for them. In a comment on a post by Ethan Vanderbuilt warning about the dangers of the ‘MMM Global’ scam, one person who has been taken in by it (scammee?) wrote a couple of paragraphs about how trustworthy it is, and how people should be using it instead of banks.

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Book Reviews: Dark Novels, Vanished Kingdoms, and Online Communities

This week’s books were all quite intriguing. From fact to fiction, I learned something new from each one.

Read on for reviews!

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Academic Round-Up: Facebook, Tattoos, Rape Myths and the Philosophy of Space-Time

Below is a round-up of recent research in psychology, anthropology, sociology and physics.

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