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A Quick Question About History In The Future

When history looks back on you, assuming you’re not a direct perpetrator of injustice, which statement will be made about your life?

“They stood up for what was right, even though it was unpopular.”
“They couldn’t really help it, they were just a product of their time.”

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How Not To Be A Boy by Robert Webb

At the moment I’m writing a novel. The protagonist is a teenage boy. His name is Anthony and he’s dealing with a lot of things in his life, one of which is the underlying current of societal expectations of masculinity. This isn’t exactly a huge theme in the book, but I think it’s probably an important part of any boy’s upbringing, so I want to get it right. I decided therefore to read some things about what it’s like to grow up male.

I am not, and nor have I ever been, male. However I have always empathised with expectations of masculinity. I’ve been the breadwinner in every household I’ve lived in since a young age, and I’ve been surrounded by people and situations that made showing any kind of emotion discouraged. Growing up, I felt pressured to swallow whatever I might have been feeling and essentially ‘man up and get on with it.’ Despite not knowing what it’s like to be a boy, therefore, I have perhaps an above-average level of empathy for the challenges brought on by society’s expectations of masculinity.

Enter Webb’s autobiography.

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Notebook Scribblings: The Start of a Poem

I’m currently going back through my notebooks to update my reading list. I have notebooks dating back to when I was twelve, so this is quite an undertaking.

Notebook Scribblings‘ is a series of posts detailing what I find.

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Book Haul: Mathematics, Vegan Travel and Navy Submarines

This week I hit my goal of reading seven books per week. Which was impressive, because one of them was really long. And also I’ve had a lot to do for work. But you know what they say: if you want to get something read, give it to a busy bookworm. Or something.

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Personal, Why The Hell Did I Ever Work In Advertising?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics recently.


It’s one of the oldest questions known to humankind. It’s pervaded every discipline, from philosophy and psychology to astrophysics and agriculture. It’s stumped people at confusing hurdles and encouraged dialogue between diverse groups.

How should I live?

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