2016 Reflections – Books (Biographies)

I’ve never really been into reading biographies. With the exception of pretty much anything about the life of Kierkegaard, I generally stay away from true stories and read either academic non-fiction, or novels.

But this year quite a lot of biographical accounts have ended up on my reading list, and several of them were amazing enough that I decided to do a whole new Reflections post for them.

I’m defining ‘biography’ quite loosely here, to mean anything where the author draws on personal experience (either their own or someone else’s) to discuss the central premise of the book.

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Review – Kids’ Mystery Monthly

As a child, I was addicted to secrets, both keeping my own and working out what was going on around me.

I had one of these little Filofax things, which came with a cassette (that’s right, I’m old) that talked you through made-up mystery scenarios and tasked you with solving them.

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