A Tour Of New Orleans’ Most Famous Graveyard

Well, I couldn’t leave New Orleans without visiting the grave of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau, could I?

St. Louis No. 1 is the most famous graveyard in New Orleans, probably because she’s buried there. Nick Cage, despite still being alive, also has a grave there. Apparently he bought it after he visited a local voodoo practitioner for help with some life problems, and she told him he’d been cursed and would need to buy a plot in order for the curse to be lifted.  Read more

Running with Fire Devils in Barcelona

I landed in Barcelona at 8pm after an obscenely long flight, considering I’d come from London which isn’t all that far away. The summer holidays made it impossible to book anything reasonably priced, so I’d ended up changing in Switzerland.

When I arrived my friend mentioned that there was going to be a Fire Run in the streets near her house that night. I dumped my stuff in her flat and we went along to check it out.

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