Providence, RI

“Where are you going next?”
“Providence, Rhode Island.”

With one exception, every person I said that to made a face that meant ‘ew, why would you want to go there?’

So I wasn’t expecting to like Providence, which was fine because I wasn’t planning to explore it. I’d be arriving late Saturday night and going straight to bed, then working until I got into a cab to go back to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. Work was a conference, and I was staying in the conference hotel, so I’d planned to just spend the whole time in that single building.  Continue reading “Providence, RI”

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Help Me Please I Need Your Tips

I’m cheating a bit with this post, because rather than giving you tips, I’m asking for them.

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You know what else Brussels does well? Everything.

Part one here, in which I discuss Brussels’ excellent shopping options.

But it’s not just shops that make Brussels a fantastic place to visit. It’s… well, everything.

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Sometimes you’re just not feeling it, and that’s OK

It can be weird, as a blogger, to do… well, anything. It’s easy to think that you have to be 100% ‘on’ all the time, so you can remember not to miss anything you might want to write about later.

And trust me, this is even the case if you have a reeeaalllyy tiny reader base *waves at readers*

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