2018 Reflections: Travel

I was planning on having a quietish year this year, and I didn’t take every travel opportunity I was offered for that reason. But I did still go a few places. Some I loved, some I hated, some I barely saw beyond the inside of my hotel room.  Continue reading “2018 Reflections: Travel”


Providence, RI

“Where are you going next?”
“Providence, Rhode Island.”

With one exception, every person I said that to made a face that meant ‘ew, why would you want to go there?’

So I wasn’t expecting to like Providence, which was fine because I wasn’t planning to explore it. I’d be arriving late Saturday night and going straight to bed, then working until I got into a cab to go back to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. Work was a conference, and I was staying in the conference hotel, so I’d planned to just spend the whole time in that single building.  Continue reading “Providence, RI”


14 things that amused and confused me about South Carolina

I travel for work quite a lot. Mostly this involves attending conferences or training sessions in different countries, usually because of something to do with digital forensics.

Currently I’m in South Carolina, which is about as travelly as I’ve been so far.

There were a few things that confused me when I first got here.

Continue reading “14 things that amused and confused me about South Carolina”