Recipe: Vegan Saviako

“Yeah, but veganising a Romani recipe means it’s not really Romani anymore, because the whole point of Gypsy cooking is that you use just the stuff you find around you,” I protested to Caitlin┬áthe last time she came to stay.

She gave me that long-suffering look that means ‘You’re an idiot sometimes, but I love you anyway’, and pointed out that pretty much all recipes aren’t exactly the way they started out. And also that I wouldn’t be foraging these things from the hedges in any case, so it didn’t really make sense to put restrictions on what I could use.

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Honey-Miso Glazed Parsnips

I freakin’ love parsnips.

If you’d told that to child scar, she never would have believed you. I wasn’t a fussy eater – my family was one of those that didn’t permit that to be a thing – but there were foods I didn’t like, and parsnips were definitely on that list.

So I avoided them for years, until as an adult I tentatively retried them and was hooked.

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