Papegaai Swartland Cinsault 2016

A friend brought this back from Australia with him, which made me think it was an Australian wine, but it’s actually South African. It’s made by Adi Badenhorst, who has a reputation as a Rhône lover which shows up in this blend.   Continue reading “Papegaai Swartland Cinsault 2016”


My Favourite Red Wines For Under £20

I’m a bit of a wine snob, let’s get that right out there in the open. My monthly wine budget is equal to my monthly food budget, and often I actually end up spending more on wine than on food. Almost always when I go out for dinner, I’ll order wine that’s more expensive than the main dish.

Having said that, it’s not necessarily true that the more you pay for a bottle (or glass) of wine, the better it’ll be. And I’ve been promising my mother that I’d put together a guide for people who don’t want to spend a shitload of money every time they want a nice red to go with dinner. So here it is.  Continue reading “My Favourite Red Wines For Under £20”