I spent my early childhood wandering, living in tents and caravans, until my mother joined a cult and we moved into a flat. At seventeen I left her religion and struck out on my own, moving to London and beginning the next chapter of my life.

These days I walk a threefold path.

I do research in psychology and history of religion; specifically, comparisons between Christianity and Paganism in antiquity and today.

Having spent seven years investigating computer-based crimes against children, I am no longer doing the investigative side though I am still consulting on questions concerning child protection, child sexual abuse and its online distribution, and how sharers of such content network on the internet. My first book, Windows Forensics Cookbook, written with Oleg Skulkin, came out this year.

And finally, I run a freelance agency which specialises in writing, translation, editing and proofreading.

This year I’m taking a bit of an enforced break due to my internal organs trying to kill me, though I’m still working on all the projects I can do from home, which in reality means I’m spending a lot of time writing. Hopefully some more books will be coming out over the next year or so.

If you’d like to connect elsewhere, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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