Hi, I’m Scar. 

I’m a historian of witchcraft & the occult, and a psychologist of religion. I spent several years researching pilgrimage, looking into different religious groups (Catholics and Pagans, mostly) and their relationships to sacred spaces. You can find my paper, Rise of Pilgrims on the Camino to Santiago: Sign of Change or Religious Revival? here. You can also find it (and me) on Academia.edu. My current research looks at the history of Christianity and Paganism, and how they intertwine.

As well as the academic side of things, I also run a freelance agency called Bohemiacademia.

If you’re thinking “Wait a minute, I thought you did digital forensics?”… well, I used to. For six years I was a private investigator specialising in computer crime, with particular interests in child protection and counter terror. I don’t do that anymore, although I do still write for Forensic Focus. My first book on the subject, Windows Forensics Cookbook, can be found on Amazon.

This blog is mainly about the books I read in my spare time. Other passions include swimming, singing, writing songs, poetry, and Star Trek.

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