Yes, I do a lot of things. No, I don’t know how I fit them all in either.


I’ve been working with teams at the University of Oxford (since 2007) and the University of South Wales (since 2018), studying the relationships people have with sacred spaces. The Pilgrimage Project, which took place in Oxford Uni’s Centre for Science and Religion, contrasted the motivations and experiences of Catholics and Pagans on pilgrimages in Lourdes, Fatima, Santiago, Stonehenge and Glastonbury. The Believe It Or Not Project, which is currently under way at the University of South Wales, looks at atheists in sacred spaces and the fluidity of modern belief systems.

You can find this version of me on Academia.edu and LinkedIn.

Digital Forensics

…or rather, what I like to call ‘badassery’. Digital forensics refers to using scientific techniques to extract and analyse data from digital devices such as computers, smartphones and drones. My specialism is in child protection, and although I stopped doing active investigation in early 2017, I still consult on child exploitation cases around the world. I write for Forensic Focus and moderate the forums there, and am on the organising committees for DFRWS EU and US, and DFIR Review. In 2017 I wrote a book, Windows Forensics Cookbook, which demonstrates forensic techniques on Windows operating systems.

You can find this version of me on Forensic Focus, LinkedIn and Amazon, and on my publisher’s website.

Writing, Translation, and General Wordsmithery

I’m a proofreader, which means I’m allowed to make up words. I’ve been working as a freelance writer, translator, proofreader and editor since 2001. In 2012 I set up Bohemiacademia, a freelance agency which employs people around the world to write on a variety of topics. These days other people do most of the actual work; I just do all the business admin from our office in London, UK.

You can find this version of me on LinkedIn, and you can follow Bohemiacademia on our website or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When I’m Not Working, I…

  • Am currently studying for a Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy at Regent’s University.
  • Sing opera with Aves Cantantes, the choir wing of the Kensington Olympia Festival of Music and the Arts.
  • Volunteer with Kensington & Chelsea Foodbank, helping out with their online presence and social media.
  • Write punk-folk piano songs and occasionally play gigs or open mic nights. Sometimes I can also be found busking outside train stations, a cappella or with my ukulele.
  • Write poems and take them to local poetry nights to be constructively criticised by other poets.
  • Am working on a couple of books.
  • Read a lot.
  • Hang out with my cat. She’s very fluffy.

You can find me on social media too: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being my main hangout spots.

See you around!

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