My name is Scar and I do about a million things.

OK, three.

Well, not three.


I find it hard to answer the “What do you do?” question, so I often end up just picking one life depending on the context and pretending all the others don’t exist for the duration of the conversation.

Life #1

In this life I’m a digital forensic analyst (that means I look for evidence of crimes on computers), and an independent consultant in cybercrime and cybersecurity. I do a lot of work in child protection but also cover more generic private investigation jobs, such as surveillance and tracing missing persons. I’m on LinkedIn. I can usually be found on a plane, on a train, in a hotel room, or at a forensics conference. Yes, I probably can fix your computer for you, as long as it’s a software problem. No, I won’t teach you to hack Facebook.

Life #2 

In this life I’m an academic researcher in psychology of religion, based at Oxford University’s Ian Ramsey Centre. You can also find me on Academia.edu, ResearchGate and Mendeley. I also have a Tumblr which I sporadically update with pictures of books, coffee and studying, three of my favourite things. I can usually be found in my study working, meeting up with my research team, wandering around Oxford, or going to religious spaces to study the people who congregate there.

Life #3

In this life I’m a writer, proofreader, translator, guest lecturer and online social person. I’m an assistant editor at Forensic Focus, an online magazine for the digital forensics and ediscovery community. I’m also senior editor at Expat Focus, which provides resources and information for people who move abroad. I have a team of willing and able writers and translators in various languages, who write about all kinds of subjects. I also guest lecture – most recently at Ravensbourne and Roundhouse – about running a blog, working with bloggers, working for yourself, and being human online. I can usually be found curled up in an armchair in my living room scheduling posts, or sitting at my home office desk researching articles.

So those are my three main lives.

If you want to keep in touch, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you’re into music and poems, you can also find me on Soundcloud and Hello Poetry.

If you’re interested in hiring me for any of the above lives, or if you just want to say hi, drop me a line.

Otherwise, see you around!


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